Madeline at the Hotel Riche is the fifth Episode of Madeline's Tenth Season.

The Episode is written by George Meyer and Jon Vitti, based on the Story Idea by Shelley Zellman and Matt Groening and directed by David Silverman. The Episode guest stars Martin Short as the Hotel Manager, Joe Flaherty as the Duke, Carol Burnett as the Duchess, John Cleese as the Waiter, John Candy as the Cook, Jonathan Winters as the Plumber, Alyson Stoner as Cecille, Brody Smith as Cecil, Morgan York as Colette, Tim Conway as the Bellboy, Milton Berle, Don Knotts, Dan Castellaneta and Buddy Hackett as Taxi Drivers, Jon English as Pooh-Bah, Drew Forsythe as Ko-Ko, Jim Carrey as Abraham Slommer, Christopher Lloyd as Jon Meyer, Michael Jeter as George Vitti, Ethel Merman as Mrs. Marcus, Groucho Marx as Mr. Marcus, Don Rickles as Major General Sullivan, Jackie Mason as Herschel Krustofsky and Mel Brooks as Mr. Bigweld.

The Episode won an multiple awards including Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Outstanding Voice-Over Performance and Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program and the Song "At the Hotel Riche" Composed by Stephen Flaherty with Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens Outstanding Original Song.



Shelley Zellman and Matt Groening came up with the Idea of Madeline, the Girls, Miss Clavel, Mr. Sclomper, Mr. Zoingpler and Mr. Roing staying at the Hotel Riche after the Pipes get bad. They both assigned George Meyer and Jon Vitti to write the Teleplay

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