Madeline goes to the Harbour is the eleventh Episode of Madeline's First Season.

The Episode was written by Jon Vitti and George Meyer and directed by David Silverman. Jim Carrey guest stars as Captain Jock Povelly, John Candy guest stars as Roppely Grupper and Kirk Douglas guest stars as Robby Jersey. The Episode won an Emmy for "Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program" and the Song "Captain Jock's Story" Composed by Alan Menken with Lyrics written by Howard Ashman won an Emmy for "Outstanding Original Song".



The Episode was the first Script Meyer and Vitti wrote on the Show as a team and they thought they made "Their first Episode together since The Crepes of Wrath for The Simpsons. Much to their relief, it turned out really well. The Idea of Pepito and Madeline discovering the Treasure themselves underground was suggested by D.B. Sweeney and Jim Henson. David Silverman also liked the Episode he directed himself.

Comedian Jim Carrey guest stars as Captain Jock Povelly, the Captain of the Koppymook. Villains Roppely Grupper and Robby Jersey were voiced by John Candy and Kirk Douglas.

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