Madeline in Cannes is the thirty-first Episode of Madeline's Fifteenth Season.

It was written by Shelley Zellman, Betty G. Birney, Al Jean, Mike Reiss, Bill Oakley, Josh Weinstein, Jeff Martin, Mike Scully, Carolyn Omine, Jennifer Crittenden, George Meyer and Jon Vitti and directed by Mark Kirkland. The Episode features Christopher Walken as Victor, Sally Field as Miss Twinklestar, Hank Azaria as Moe Howard, Billy West as Larry Fine, Wayne Knight as Curly Howard, Bronson Pinchot as Stan Laurel, Gailard Sartain as Oliver Hardy, Kelsey Grammer as Kent Manley, Lea Thompson as Greta Gabby, Joel Grey as Moe Syzlak, Liza Minnelli as Judy Garland, Erik von Detten as Mickey Rooney, Rich Little as W.C. Fields, Judith Barsi as Jody Rainbow, Kirk Douglas as Lionel Barrymore, Jerry Orbach as Billy Flynn and Mickey Rooney as Dr. Cohn.




Narrator: One day, Mr. Sclomper ran to the Phone and quickly summoned Dr. Cohn.

Mr. Sclomper: Hurry please, Doctor! Come at once!

Dr. Cohn: Ah, of course.

(Gives Madeline a hankerchef to blow her nose.)

Mr. Sclomper: Is that it?

Dr. Cohn: (regarding Madeline) Oui Mr. Sclomper, it is only her sinuses. I suggest you take her somewhere warm and dry.

Mr. Roing: She is as Red as a Lobster. Only she doesn't have Claws and a rough tail.

Mr. Zoingpler: Sit her down, Girls.

Billy Flynn: I am Billy Flynn, Victor's Lawyer from Chicago.

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