Birth of Madhouse

Madhouse was Cyber-Constructed by Christopher Williams on a Free Forum Hosting Website, at first he was the boss of the website, but later he lost interest for it, left, and several members wanted to take over it and not let it go derelict.

Edward "eddy" on Madhouse took over leadership of Madhouse and Joseph "JOE" became Co-Admin while Nathan "Sufferin-Rebel" became a mere moderator, and the other members Seamus "Shimmus" Siobhan "Evil Shiv" left as mere members just kept posting away, then Emma "Phoenix2" came a member.

Kemp's Obsession

Word got around about the forum known as Madhouse and Kemp who has been diagnosed for obsessive compulsory disorder got obsessed over Madhouse, Wanted to spam it and cause it's members misery. He succeeded with Madhouse the first, Spammed it to death, and since Eddy didn't have the proper Administrative Controls to handle Kemp, The Madhousians Fled.

Madhouse the Second

Using the same free forum host, Madhouse the Second was born, with Full Admin Controls, Eddy could do whatever he wanted to do, but Kemp struck again.

Kemp spammed repeatedly at Madhouse and Eddy banned him.

Unfornately, Kemp had the same ISP (Internet Service Provider) as everybody else so everyone got banned.

Revival of Madhouse and Departures.

With Madhouse up with another host with even more options, Eddy was more primed up than ever, now the Forum is on the top 10 list.

But due to personal reasons, Seamus "Shimmus" Left Madhouse for good and decided to stay with the group at the other end of the School Grounds.

Emma "Phoenix2" was more and more active onto the site though

Nathan "Nathster" got the Objective to get the highest post on Madhouse, Lucky for him he had fast typing skills and the ability to type in full grammar in fast timing. So he fulfilled his goal.

Then Suddenly another Member arrived who would change the tide of the Madhouse VS Kemp War.

Exploring Arrival.

Eddy and Joe went to a place known as Explorer Scouts, From there they met Beth Eddy gave her the link to Madhouse and she signed up under htbzilly, In a Topic called "Music" Siobhan (Evil Shiv) Created a topic about writing your own music/poems, Siobhan shortly left that topic for good since it was getting too suicidally depressing, but Beth (Htbzilly) and Nathan (Nathster) wrote songs/poems day in, day out. Beth was amazed at how great Nathan's songs/poems were, later it turned out he copied the songs from some website. But later Nathan did write up his own songs/poems to be posted on that topic.

Relationships, - "Hate the Person You Love the Most" -

Nathan and Beth Developed a Relationship, Beth sometimes teased Nathan, for example Her friend on Msn making Nathan worried sick about Beth, while Beth laughs along with this Joke about Beth being hit in the nose quite severely.

1 month later after.. The Relationship was over

"Just want to stay friends"

With those 4 words, Nathan remained quiet for the rest of the evening until he got home, full with rage, anger and sorrow. Nathan Hated Himself for what has happened, He thought Life weren't worth living anymore.

He has always felt burning anger in his heart since that day.

The Manipulator

Weeks later at school, Nathan needed someone to talk too, He chatted to Kemp cause he was the only one to talk to at the time. Nathan chatted about how heart-broken he felt and how much he hates the situation. Kemp decided to take this with Open Arms and Manipulate Nathan to get to Madhouse. He offered the hand of friendship and even though he didn't give a shit about Nathan, He did help him in some form without realizing it..

The Mole

Nathan fill with anger and hate decided to lurk low on Madhouse, When Kemp PM'ed him mentioning that he knew Beth's Password and sent it to him.

Admin Elections.

Going back a bit, Ed sent a Adobe Photoshop email to Beth under the name of "Joe Furry" even though his proper name is "Joe Furey" Beth pretended to be angry to Joe, But Joe was pissed off for that to happen to him and to be yelled at for something he didn't do. So he handed in his resignation and the Admin Elections was started..

Nathan took this as the only chance to be took seriously and have some power, he worked on all sorts of propaganda and campaign promises, Beth though still looked like she was going to win because she had votes from Emma, Siobhan, Eddy, John and other members until she pulled out because Nathan took it too seriously. It turned into a big fuss everyone was telling Nathan off for taking it to seriously and everyone was assuring Beth it was okay and she re-entered the Elections. Beth got the majority of the vote and looked like she was going to win, Nathster was storming with anger and resentment for everyone loving Beth and Hating him, But with a little PM from Kemp in his Inbox he was about to get a smile on his face.


Those 6 letters was Beth's password, When Nathan saw them he was happy. When she logged off, he tested it and it worked. He had an evil glare, and a cunning plan in his head. He kept being such a nice person towards Beth "Keep it up" "Aww your going to win, Good Luck" When the elections were over, Emma's word was "WOOOOO GO Beth!" and Nathan Said "yea WOOO Go Beth" with an evil emoticon by it. Either way he won.

Later he told Joe, Beth's password.

3 weeks later, Nathan's Conscience called. He felt guilty about going on her account day-in day-out so he decided to do the right thing and tell her to change her password, but without getting himself in trouble. He told her, and she asked Joe VIA PM "Do ya know my password"

Joe replied, "Yes" Beth replied back with "Who told ya?" Joe replied with "Nathan"

Then on Msn, she Interrogated Nathan after doing the right thing and telling her to change her password, Nathan was furious that she didn't even say thank you or any sorts of congrats. When Kemp found out, Nathan regretted it badly, Kemp distrusts Nathan, Beth never even said thank you. Nathan was fed up, sick and tired of being the understanding person, and "Nice Boy" with not getting any praise or thanks for it he decided to be an asshole to all the people who treated him wrong.

I play you, you play me

Nathan Used Kemp as much as Kemp used him, Nathan wanted Kemp to give him all the secrets so he could reduce the people he hated to tears for all the crimes they do against him, and Kemp wanted to use Nathan so he could reduce Madhouse to a smoldering Spam Can.

K-Forum was born, despite smaller members, It hit off with just Nathan and Kemp planning and plotting, Kemp wanted Joe to Join in, But Nathan told him not to risk it, it should stay to a 2-person thing, Since Joe told Beth about the password, Nathan was in to-minds to trust him about any of his affairs with Kemp.

Kemp decided to make some immature accounts on Madhouse that were just basically Blunt, Three-Letter accusations about the Sexual Preferences of the Administrative members.

Nathan, sick and tired of Beth messing with his mind, decided to fight fire with fire, The Jamboree, an Event Beth has been looking forward to a long time, Nathan decided to post "Jamboree CANCELLED" all over the forums to make her upset, it did that and everyone was upset and told Nathan to stop it. With everyone seeing the light from Beth's Backside, He confides in Kemp again for Help but then he is about to make a choice that doesn't want to make.

Good-Bye Ol' Friend

The War between K-forum and Madhouse kicked off, with Nathan at the ending, feeling to have to choose between K-forum and Madhouse.. After much thinking, he stuck with Madhouse despite the amount of members who piss him off daily. He decided Kemp is too obsessive over small things, and he was just using Nathan to sort his plans out to perfection.

To this Day, Nathster is still on Madhouse.

Biography of the members



Name: Nathan Wakeham;

Current Age: 15;

Hair Colour; Blonde

Eye Colour; Hazel

D.O.B' 23rd June 1991

Musical Preferences; Sad Depressing Emotional Songs. Heavy Rock; Trivium Bullet for my Valentine

Online Names; Sufferin-Rebel Nathster

Diagnosed Problems; Paranoia, Schizophrenia, Depression, Bi-Polar.

Details; Nathan was born at Arrowe Park hospital between 2:00am and 3:00am. The start of Nathan realizing the world started in Primary School, He attended St.Laurences in Birkenhead which is located on the Wirral For the 8 years he attended at that school, He has been bullied, backstabbed and been injured due to the bullying.

He made no real friends at Primary School, He had one "Friend" called James Sample but he repeatdly stabbed him in the back (Metaphorically and Literally). A School Bully who nobody liked called Anthony Dulson and Robert Pillatie kept hurting Nathan, He ran to the toilets to get away from it all, but Anthony followed, He tried to grab Nathan while he was in the cubicles, Nathan quickly shut the door on Anthony, He ran out of the toilets crying, Nathan felt good for defending himself, Miss Reagan, His Year 6 teacher was

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