Madness Starts is the first chapter in the Scott Curtis saga its the start of the 24th body after the death of Emma Smith it all starts when Scott Curtis finds himself a new foe who is called Angie Smith who is sent out to kill Scott Curtis. However before the fight starts he is saved by a girl dressed as a ninja. He manage to escape and heads back to his base to alert his mate Dean Reardon about what has been going on who all ready knows his the First River but doesn't think what he is talking about it true. He sends Scott to go and get some chips from the shop up in Ley Lane however this is only the start.

Scott finds himself faced with trouble once again this time it being two more women who are called Dawn Davie and Kim Knight he gets ready to fight them but is warned by a girl who was sent to protect him called Maria Hart to runaway and get out of there quickly. Scott and Maria run for there lifes and tried to escape however Maria is caught by Kim and Dawn. She is taken hostage and Scott flees to see if there is anyway he can save her from them.

1-2 Madness Starts Part 2

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