Scott heads back to the base to tell Dean Reardon what went on to find another man with him who is called Zack Zindine he has came to protect Scott after a event with a girl who went by the name Steph Colledge scott all ready knows who she is and Zack knows very little about what the River are about. He then asked where Maria is and Scott tells how the women caught her. He then tells Scott there known as Kingsteigton Undead and they are trained to kill Scott.

Scott along with Zack and Dean then plan away they can somehow save Maria Hart from the Kingsteigton Undead. They then come up with a plan to attack there house where they are now hiding in up in Kingsteigton they then all head up and make there attack with Scott going into there base why Dean and Zack keep them busy. Scott Curtis goes to save Maria by breaking inside they manage to escape and end up heading into Hakney Marshes it is now getting dark and they must escape from John Smith who is trying to catch up with them.

1-3 In the The Darkness

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