Maggie And The Ferocious Beast/Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

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  • The Kindly Giant as Echidna
  • Hamilton and Beast as Soren and Kludd
  • The Big Duck as The Tasmanian Devil
  • Maggie as Eglantine
  • Diamonds (from Marvin) as Marella (both sound a like)
  • Stripes (from Marvin) as Noctus
  • Edna (from Marvin) as Nyra
  • Johnny Cuba (from TUGS) as Metal Beak
  • Nedley as Bubo
  • The Jellybeans as The Pure Ones
  • Henry the Worm as Digger
  • Emily (from Thomas) as Gylfie
  • Calli as Twilight
  • Mom and Dad (from The Fairly Odd Parents) as Boron and Barran
  • Fast Talking Jack (from Marvin) as Allomere
  • Baby Whale as Strix Struma
  • Mavis (from Thomas) as Otulissa
  • Sidestep as Ezylryb
  • Arry and Bert (from Thomas) as Jatt and Jutt
  • Rosie (from Thomas) as Horace Plithiver

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