Magic Mayhem and Sorcery Abound is part of a relativly large undertaking by Familyghost to create a truely original characters and then splice them into an already created universe with out overshadowing the regular characters; in this case the universe is the DC Animated Universe.

MM&SA is the story of one of young and powerful Sorcerer who works for the Ancient God's as a sort a Repo-Man of sorts. Unfortunately he also has the duty of banishing the demons and minions of evil gods, which lands him smack in the hands of the JLU and subsequently is assined to work with them by his "higher ups". The story features a running tension between the main character and several female JLU memebers, most tension comes from his playboy approach to life although Wonder Woman does have different motives.

Original Characters of consequence mentioned in the story are Choronus Illadae, the young sorcerer; Kezqua, an evironmental guardian mutated by a naturally occuring retrovirus; Rafe a half-dragon of royal descent in the "Mirror World"; Obsession a young wizardress who has a vendetta against Choronus; Bedlam, Obsession's husband and cult cleric of Seth; and Lous, a powerful demon that inhabit's Rafe's body.

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