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  1. Pocahontas-Me,Alyson,Poppy,Violet,Periwinkle,Pimpernelle & Dandelion
  2. Beauty & The Beast-Me,Poppy,Violet,Periwinkle,Pimpernelle & Dandelion
  3. The Little Mermaid-Me,Abigail,Russell,Edgar,Marie,Toulouse,Berlioz,Fifi La Fume & Pepe Le Pew
  4. Aladdin-Me,Pepe Le Pew.Fifi La Fume,Marie,Toulouse & Berlioz
  5. Cinderella-Me,Fifi La Fume,Penelope Pussycat,Marie,Toulouse,Berlioz And Pepe Le Pew

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