One time Roc signed a contract.


Roc signed his own contract that he wrote:

Roc has'nt met none of his family and his new movie Mikih and the Teenagers had already been made.


A list of chapters:

Part 1

Roc set up poster boards without further notice to Ciara that she'd been chosen to be a animal hunter.

In alternative world

Roc found ciara in a loop hole and saw all her friends at the park playing on a swing. 

Ciara revealed that she was a hunter after all but never mur'derd anyone espeially not Roc.

Fayline was evil.

Roc: Im Roc Ciara and Im you're cousin.

Ciara: I was'nt even aware of having a cousin.

Roc: So i was born after you guys you have to help return to the real world if you do'nt i'll die.

Ciara: Well Roc alright.

By: Roc. 

Part 2

At the palace Rumpelstealskin had chaged Azriel, Amira, Rafee and Rayah up in big bird chages. Roc travel'd to Rumpel's palace. 

Roc: Rumpel how dare you trick me!

Rumpelstealskin: Only making yourself fly will break your curse. 

Roc: I can already fly.

(Roc went flying).

Amira: That explains alot about Roc.

(Everything dissaper'd).

(Amira, Azriel, Royal and Ciara went dissapering).

Roc had his family with him in the real world.

(Amira): If you would'nt've signed the contract we'd be just fine).

Roc: Im sorry i got you guys.

By: Roc.

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