Magical items

Wyrmslayer: A +1 lizard-bane longsword, this weapon is engraved with images of snakes, lizards and dragons. It is steel coloured, but embossed with a scaly green. Currently in the Gallery at the keep in West End

Redspear: A +1 flaming longspear, when the command word "char"(in ancient Dwarven) is spoken, the spear head flickers to life, spouting small flames. Curiously these flames do not damage any objects and will not set even flamable objects on fire, only burn living tissue. This weapon is the symbol of the Company of the Red Spear in West End and is currently wielded by Tavian Aidman..

== Legendary Lost Weapons ==

The Shard of Night: This +3 dark life-stealing Greatsword is sentient and at times malicious. It considers itself female and has allowed itself to be named Eve. It seems to have abilities dealing with giving and taking life through Necromantic means. It is also extremely heavy. When not in use by it's chosen weilder, this weapon Weighs upwards of 700 pounds. This weapon was plunged into the ground in the meeting place of the demiplanes of Dread and shadow as well as the Prime material, ending the Dread War.

Darkling Blades: Various individuals have determined that these weapons are somehow made of "fear", and while they can be taken with Darklings when they turn to shadow, they can also be disarmed of them. It is hinted that they inspire madness on a weilder who is human. There is one rumored to be held in magical containment in the gallery in West End

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