Magnum is owned by Ice Hot (Heartbrand).

The original 1990 Magnum ice cream bar came as white or dark chocolate covered ice cream on a stick.

From 1992 to 1997 more selection was added including Magnum Mint, Magnum Double Chocolate and Magnum Cone Almond. Magnum Moments were introduced which were bitesize icecream treats with caramel, chocolate or hazelnut centres.

2004 saw the launch of Magnum Intense (a chocolate truffle center enveloped in ice cream and covered with chocolate). 2003 came the limited edition Magnum 7 Deadly Sins series of ice creams.

Magnum 5 Sins was followed by another limited edition range in 2005 in which each flavor was named after one of the senses: Magnum Aroma, Magnum Touch, Magnum Sound, Magnum Taste and Magnum Vision.

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