The fifth of Tefireth’s eleven planets, Mahalel orbits the brown dwarf at a mean distance c. 2,129,000 km.  Mahalel is a one of the three potentially habitable planets of Tefireth with a diameter of c. 2,754 km.  The planet’s rotational period is c. 14 hours and revolution period is c. 12 standard days.  Like Jaredii, Mahalel has a very thin atmosphere consisting mainly of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon.  The planet also has an extreme day-to-night temperature range, resulting from its thin atmosphere, from about 308°A at noon to about 208°A at midnight; however, the high daytime temperatures are confined to less than one meter above the surface.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(Må•hā´•lel) aka Tefireth 5

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