Pan Meyers

An example of a Satyr

  • Set is the leader of a rebellion in the first novel.
  • Seirim is half human and half satyr. He is seeking revenge against Set for the murder of his family.
  • Abbadon is The Lord of The Kingdom, known either as a tyrant, or as the just champion of the Gods.
  • Ishtar is an assassin given an aristocratic upbringing as one of The Kingdom's elite upper class, but despite this she feels lost and confused.
  • Kain is a demon who was once a man. He has motives understood by no one, and will not stop until he has achieved exactly what he wants.
  • Baal is a barbarian surrounded by mystery and fear. He is never seen without his armour, and rarely seen without his weapons. He is volatile and unpredictable, and only follows rules when he has no other choice.

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