Main Coon Island is about the size of New Jersey, and has a population of about 18Million people and 20 Million cats of all sizes.

The Island is ruled by a council of men called the council of Feline. It is a comprised of a ever changing group of men of all ages. The nember keeps changing and outsiders are uncertian of the reasons. Anthropologist and major experts in Sociology believe that based on the Maincoon culture that each council member represents a cat when it is born. When the cats die the council member probably taken to the pit of claws were cats of all kinds with rabies are kept till they die. Thrown to the "Cats afflicted with anger", the council members are consumed by the "angry" cats. THis is only speculation but, a possibilty.

Any person that reaches a weight of over 200 pounds is like wise killed, these "uncatlike people" are thrown into the pit of claws as well. It is considered unhealthy and unwise to be slovenly. To embrace the spirit of the cat in maincoon culture is to sit at the right hand of"Bast".

A custom that offends most people when visiting the Maincoon culture is the public sex that takes place. As cats often do the Maincoonians often engage in public sex. This act is innatiated bu the mail biting a female on the back of the neck. If the female is agreeable to the mating bite, she will comply where ever this the mating bite is initiated. Sometimes forigners are approached, and often do not understand the complexities of maincoon culture. Rape of foreign women is often reported, but in Maincoon culture there is no word or understanding for rape, it simply does not exist on the island. If a woman is strong enough she can fight off the male, if not she must comply. If she has a mate, the mate can fight for her, if he loses the battle then the female can fight, if they both lose, then the female must comply. Foreign females should remember this fact while travelling to Maincoon, or simply avoid travelling to Maincoon.

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