In the Star Wars Galaxy storyline, there have been a number of major wars. They are, in chronological order:

-The First Dark War, fought between the New Republic and Vahn Leonhart and his brother, Isaac Leonhart, and army from 3044-3039 BBY.

-The Ar'krai War, fought between the Bothans and a coalition of supporters and a majority of the Galactic Alliance in 36 ABY.

-The Imperial War, fought between the newly reformed Empire and the New Republic between 42 and 44 ABY.

-The Second Dark War, fought between the Combined Armies under Heiseto Leonhart, and the New Republic; later, Thomas Darque's Dark Legion also joined. Fought between 44 and 46 ABY.

-The Combined Armies Civil War, fought between the various members of the Combined Armies. Fought between late 45 ABY and 47 ABY.

-The New Republic Civil War, fought between the Loyalist and Alliance factions of the New Republic. Fought between early 46 ABY and 47 ABY.

-The Hutt-Mandalorian War, fought between the Hutts and the Mandalorians, beginning 46 ABY.

-The New Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, fought between the Val Vong clan of Yuuzhan Vong and numerous factions of the galaxy, beginning in late 46 ABY.

-Black General's War, fought between the Black General (and his Black Knights and Army) and many factions of the galaxy, beginning in late 46 ABY.

This period from 42-47 ABY is collectively known as the Dark Wars, after the two largest wars of the period: the Second Dark War and the Black General's War.

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