Welcome to the Ghoul Newbie Section!

So, you wish to contribute to this little wiki? That's very nice :) Here are some little instructions wich will help you to get started with the creation and edition of an article.

Create an account

First, if you don't have an account on Wikia, check here [1] and make one, hurry!

How to create an article

First off, you may use the Search feature (to your left) and write there the name of your future article. If by casually someone else wrote an article with matches the same name as the one you wanted to create, and you see that the one wich appeared isn't related to our MakaiWiki, then, try to do another search and vary slightly the name of your article, for example:

You want to write an article about Arthur, but someone else already did an article with the same name, and isn't related to none of the games nor the MakaiWiki itself. You may put on the Search bar Arthur (Makaimura), Sir Arthur or Arthur (Capcom) instead.

If you found a red article, nice fetch! You can edit it and create your own very article with the name you searched :D

How to create a category

Sometimes you may want to create a special section just for your own articles, for example, if you wrote articles about the youkai monsters inside all the games but you want them to be linked to a previous category called "Japanese folklore monsters", where all the youkai will be listed, then you may put in the Search bar Category:Japanese folklore monsters. If there is no previous category with that same name, you are lucky, but if there is one already wrote by another author, you may change the name of the Search to, for example Category:Japanese Folk Monsters or Category:Youkai Monsters. In order to create the category, on every article you wrote you need to add (no matter where, it will be invisible once you save the page):

But within brackets "[[]]" Then the articles will be added automatically to that category, and the category will be created on the spot.

Before going creating articles, categories and such

You must to put this simple code over every article and category you create:
After this little code, you can write your stuff happily. This code links your article to the MakaiWiki, so, is necessary to don't skip this if you want to have it published on the wiki in the future.

That's enough by now. You can edit and create your own articles by yourself heeding these simple rules and tips. The icons over your edit-box while creating and editing articles shall help you creating bold, italic, headers, links and more. They are like the tools on every forum board :P Enjoy!

If you want to ask something, and you are registered, try to leave your question on the Discussion tab, here [2]

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