Jin❤️Xiaoyu's movie-spoof of "Make Mine Music".


  • Egret Couple - Schroeder and Peppermint Patty (Charlie Brown) 
  • The People - Various "Charlie Brown" Characters 
  • Casey - Romeo (Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss) 
  • David and Tania - TJ Combo (Killer Instinct) and Audrey Charlotte (The Joyful Masterpiece) 
  • Peter - Sonic the Hedgehog (The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Sasha the Bird - Huckleberry Hound 
  • Sonja the Duck - Yogi Bear 
  • Ivan the Cat - Astro (Jetsons) 
  • The Wolf - Si and Am (Lady and the Tramp) 
  • Peter's Grandfather - Jimmy T (WarioWare) 
  • The Three Hunters - Dribble, Spitz and Dr. Crygor (WarioWare) 
  • The Instruments - Various Birds 
  • Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet - Themselves 
  • Willie the Whale - Baloo (The Jungle Book) 
  • Whitey the Seagull - Iago (Aladdin) 
  • Tetti-Tatti - Fulgore (Killer Instinct) 
  • Tetti-Tatti's Sailors - Fulgores (Killer Instinct) 
  • The Seals - Various Lions (The Lion King and Madagascar 2) 
  • The Pelicans - Various Penguins (Happy Feet) 

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