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Make your own PBS Kids DVD is a fan-fiction that DVD can make.

PBS Kids Sing-Along Songs


  1. W-H-Y Spells Why (from Super Why) (Sing-Along)
  2. Ryhming Time (from Super Why) (Sing-Along)
  3. A-B-C Sing with Me (from Super Why) (Sing-Along)
  4. I Love to Spell (from Super Why) (Sing-Along)
  5. Take a Stage (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  6. Circus Train (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  7. Pig's Perfect Pizza (from WorldWorld) (Sing-Along)
  8. Ride the Slide (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  9. It's Time to Rhyme (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  10. Monster Maker (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  11. Fruit Cha Cha (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  12. Get Up and Move (from WordWorld) (Sing-Along)
  13. Herbivore Song (from Dinosaur Train) (Sing-Along)
  14. I'm a T-Rex! Song (from Dinosaur Train) (Sing-Along)

And Many More!

Special Features

  • "Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue" Preview


  • Hosted by Dash & Dot.
  • A bouncing a PBS Kids "Dash" logo is used on top and lyrics is used on bottom.

Front Cover

  • The PBS Kids singing

Back Cover

  • Frog, Bug, Fly and Bee singing "Monster Maker"
  • Buddy stands like a big T-Rex from "I'm a T-Rex!"

WordWorld: Best of Dog


  1. Happy Birthday, Dog! (episode)
  2. Dog Wants to Play Ball
  3. Dog's Camping Adventure
  4. Dancing Dog (episode)
  5. A Christmas Present for Dog


  • Dancing Dog (song)

Special Features

  • Read-Along: Happy Birthday, Dog! (story)
  • Deleted Scene: Dog's Birthday
  • "Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue" Preview
  • Previews of other Lionsgate DVDs

Front Cover

  • Dog (with his house on the hills on the right)

Back Cover

  • Bear, Duck, Pig and Frog surprising Dog (wearing party hats) from "Happy Birthday, Dog!"
  • Dog and the bugs plays the ball from "Dog Wants to Play Ball"
  • Dog, Frog and Pig went on a camping trip from "Dog's Camping Adventure"
  • Dog dancing from "Dancing Dog"
  • Dog opens the present from "A Christmas Present for Dog"

WordWorld: Best of Frog


  1. Rocket to the Moon
  2. Pl-Pl-ane!
  3. Back on Track
  4. The Christmas Star


  • Monster Maker

Special Features

  • Read-Along Story: Frog's Birthday
  • "Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue" Preview
  • Previews of other Lionsgate DVDs

Front Cover

  • Frog (with his log on the left)

Back Cover

  • Frog and Pig's brothers on the moon from "Rocket to the Moon"
  • Frog on the beach from 'Pl-Pl-ane!"
  • Frog saying sorry to Kangaroo from "Back on Track"
  • Frog from "The Christmas Star"

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