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Thumper Gets Annoying


Thumper is working at the quarry. Bill, ben and Derek are helping with an extension, that will take the line through a tunnel in the quarry. Thumper's "Cool Dude" accent make them cross. Thumper overhears Derek telling Mavis and BoCo about Thumper, which makes him sad. he tells the fat Conroller, who is not happy. later, he makes derek apologize, and Drek does. However, he really makes it up to him when a rocklide accurs, and he gets him  out of the quarry. Sir Topham Hatt is pleased that Derek owned up, and Bill and Ben happily laugh with the two.

Note: I'm sorry if this is in a wierd place. i do not know know how to get it in another place that is propper. 


  • BoCo
  • Derek
  • Thumper
  • Sir Topham hatt
  • Mavis (Does not Speak)
  • Bill and Ben (Do Not Speak)
  • Jack (Cameo)


Stock Footage from "Jack Jumps In" and "Double Teething troubles" Is used.

Duck helps out (U.K. title, Duck saves Diesel)

Duck tells Thomas about his first accident. Diesel collected some trucks at the Quarry. But the points had changed and Diesel fell into a ditch. Duck rescues the trucks and Diesel, too. He brings him home safe and sound.

Duck helps Diesel (U.K. title, Duck and the Runaway Diesel)

Duck helps Diesel from the field by using the breakdown train. Diesel doesn't care if they both use it. As Molly passes, she stops near the old mine near an old castle to spy on Diesel. Diesel sees Molly and honks at Molly. Duck interrupts that Diesel and Duck had to go, but Diesel snarles. Duck didn't notice that he was uncoupled to the breakdown train. Diesel starts anyway out of control. Duck races all the way to Diesel, but trouble happens. The train was derailed near the cliff, it was about to fall in. They finally saved it. They were back at the sheds where Sir Tompham Hatt was waiting. He was proud of both for working together, but Diesel should have not spied on Molly and raced away without Duck, but was a useful engine just like Duck.





Harvey (Does not speak)

James (cameo)

Emily (cameo)

Tim (Does not speak)


This story takes place after the story "Saved You!". Usually, this is the 7th Episode of Season 12 part two.

This episode is called "Stop it Diesel!" in Spanish, "Breaktrain Save" in Welsh, and "Duck, Diesel, and the Breaktrain" in French.

In the narrator in the US version, Duck says "come on lazy diesel." In the UK version, he says "come on blazy diesel".


In the first shot, Duck is pulling a rainbow stripe train.

Ulfstead Castle appears in the episode, but not named. So viewers do not know what is that castle named.

This is Tim's last time having his face slipping in this season.

During the runaway, Diesel does not have a CGI face while his yells help, Duck does not have CGI face too when he says I'm coming.

In real life, the breakdown train would have fallen in, including Diesel.

Diesel swap places while the runaway.

The narrator said Diesel was grumping at Molly, but his face was like he was spying.


Narrator: Diesel was grumping at Molly. Duck seriously called Diesel.

Duck: Come on lazy diesel.

Narrator: Diesel snarled.

Diesel: Good Agnus! You interrupted me!

Click on the episode title to see transcript and story.

The trouble with Calrai

Calrai is conceited, and first, he pushes Percy into the turntable well. Then, he steals Thomas' coaches, Annie & Clarebel on Thomas' branch line. Calrai says "I'm the Branch Line engine in the world!" The Fat Controller hears Calrai. But then Calrai doesn't know that Stanley's goods train was on his way to Wellsworth and crashes into it. Duck then collects the breakdown train and puts Calrai back to the rails. The Fat Controller scolds Calrai for pushing Percy into the turntable well and stealing Thomas' coaches. Duck takes Calrai back to the sheds and Calrai is shunted to the sheds.


  • Thomas
  • Percy
  • Duck
  • Stanley (narrow guage engine) (does not speak)
  • Annie & Clarabel
  • Oliver (cameo)
  • Calrai
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Salty (Does not speak)

Thomas helps Diesel

Thomas tells Diesel to be careful, but Diesel ignores is advice and oils away. Soon Diesel collects some trucks and oils away with them. Suddenly, Diesel gets pushed into James' goods train. Thomas tells Duck about Diesel's crash. Duck says, "Go and take Kevin with you to Diesel". Thomas collects Kevin and arrives with him. Kevin puts Diesel back to the rails. The Fat Controller scolds Diesel for ignoring Thomas' advice. Diesel was kept in shed for until he is wanted.


  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Toby (cameo)
  • Gordon (cameo)
  • Kevin (does not speak)
  • Molly (cameo)
  • BoCo
  • Fergus
  • James
  • Frank (cameo)

Duck and the extension

When Thomas leaves to run his branch line, Duck discovers that the rails on an extension are not safe, so he warns the diesels. But Devious Diesel is skepitcal and needs more oil to get back to the smelters. When Diesel arrives at the il depot, it is empty. Dennis tells him that the extension is dangerous. But Diesel scoffs and oils off. Then suddenly, Diesel breaks down on the extension. And, it starts to collasp. Duck races to the rescue and pulls Diesel off the extension just in time. The Diesels were mad at Diesel for not listening. Diesel was sorry for not listening. Everyone was happy.


  • Thomas
  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Dennis
  • Norman
  • Paxton (does not speak)
  • Weasel (does not speak)
  • Den (does not speak)
  • Dart (does not speak)
  • Mavis (does not speak)
  • Arry and Bert (cameo)
  • Daisy (cameo)
  • Boco (cameo)
  • Diesel 10 (cameo)
  • Jock (cameo)


  • Only apperence of the extension.
  • This is anyway the 28th Episode of Season 15 part two.
  • This is the 10th episode that had Ulfstead Castle there.
  • Dennis' voice sounds like Brad Pitt.
  • All of countries name this episode.
  • This is Dennis' only appearence in this season.


  • When Diesel breaks down on the extension, one of his front wheels are derailed.
  • You can see Jock pull Gordon's Express.
  • While Duck discovers the extension, he is usually on it.
  • Norman has Mavis' horn sound.
  • Breakvans should have been added to Arry and Bert's trains.


  • Duck: Don't use the extension.
  • Narrator: Duck was right.
  • Duck: It's dangerous.
  • Diesel: How did you know?
  • Narrator: Diesel was wondering.
  • Diesel: You're only a steamie.
  • Narrator: Diesel was curious.

Duck saves the day

Duck warns Diesel to be careful with trucks, but Diesel ignores his advice. At Knapford, Duck tells BoCo and Daisy about Diesel's carelessness. Meanwhile, Diesel collects some trucks and oils away. But the trucks make a plan to push Diesel down Gordon's Hill. Diesel is scared and sees Diesel 10 loading the steel on the trucks. He crashes into the steel trucks. Duck brings Rocky and rescues Diesel. The Fat Controller scolds Diesel while Duck is a really useful engine.


  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Mavis
  • Boco
  • Daisy
  • Diesel 10
  • Thomas (does not speak)
  • Rocky (does not speak)
  • Arry and Bert (do not speak)


  • This is BoCo's first speaking role since Season 2 part 1.
  • This is also Daisy's first speaking role since Season 2 part 1.


  • When Diesel crashes into the steel trucks, his wheels are moving.


  • Narrator: Up ahead, Diesel 10 was loading steel into some trucks.
  • Diesel: Oh, no!
  • Narrator: Cried Diesel. He braked hard, but his trucks were too heavy! (Diesel crashes into the steel trucks) Diesel crashed into Diesel 10's steel trucks, and the steel shoted into the air and fell down all over Diesel and Diesel 10!
  • Diesel: Bust my buffers!
  • Narrator: Cried Diesel
  • Diesel 10: Hello there, Diesel. The steel reminds me of the scrap iron.

Pop goes the Weasel

Percy meets a diesel engine called Weasel and shows him around Sodor. Meanwhile, Percy sees Weasel trying to pull some trucks, but one of the trucks' coupling snap and one of the trucks break into pieces. Percy clears the mess. And the trucks sing a song about Weasel about "Pop Goes The Weasel". Weasel scoffs away. Sir Tompham Hatt stopps the trucks. The trucks were shut. Weasel brought Edward to help stop those trucks, but they were both surprised that they were shut and quiet. The trucks started to be friends with Weasel. It was a long story.

Thomas Starts the Race

It was summer time. The engines were talking about racing, Percy wanted to make one. Sir Tompham Hatt agreed. The next day, Percy can't wait for the race and Thomas starting Percy's Race. But it accidentaly went the wrong way and fell into a swamp. Can Edward save Percy and finish the race?


  • Percy
  • Edward (Non-Speaking Role)
  • Thomas
  • Bertie (Non-Speaking Role)
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Henry
  • Albert (cameo)
  • Calrai (cameo)
  • Neville (cameo)
  • Molly (cameo)
  • Emily
  • Weasel (cameo)
  • Toby
  • Breakman (cameo)

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