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Make Money Online

What’s with the name Myzury. No, it has nothing to do with misery. Well it means “Fine” in Swahili, though the spelling might be wrong, it was the closest phonetic spelling I could register. The site was setup to help people make money online. With millions of people from across the globe with internet access, ways of making money online was deemed a great topic by its owner, David Elefant, an entrepreneur and business consultant with many years of experience in various trades.


The blog owner is currently active player in the stock market and sits on the board of companies in the field of telecommunication, e-commerce, trading and business consultancy. However, he is more popular for his hobbies and a Google search for his name will yield his television appearances in the field of magic.

As the site’s tagline goes:

“For those who believe that I can help them make money online no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe well who cares?”


Because of its honest to goodness valuable content, the site features prominently in search engines results probably due to the countless people who write about it in various sites. At this point, the site contains various tips on how people can make money online using the internet, downloadable software that are of great help to the ordinary man, free blogging tools and lots of other freebies.

Popular Posts

At this point, some of the popular traffic generators are the following articles:

1. Write article people want to read

2. 10 tips to bring traffic to your blog

3. How to make money with free websites

External Links:

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