• Name: Mala
  • Race: Toa (Metru Configuration)
  • Appearance: Her armour and main body are crimson, as well as her head and mask, and her feet. The rest is orange.
  • Alignment: Evil.
  • Powers:

--Fire Control
--Accuracy (Sanok)
--Uncanny ability to detect when someone is near.

  • Weapons:

--Twin Fire Energy Swords (Orange in colour.)
--Fire Shotgun
--Fire Sword (Fire Shotgun can transform into Fire Sword with the flick of a switch)

  • Personality: Evil. Bad. Kills just to hear her opponent die.
  • Bio: Mala was once a good, kind soul. In fact, a member of the Knights of Mata-Nui. However, that's all in the past. Many years ago, something happened to her. No one knew quite what, but it corrupted her. Some say she came into contact with an evil spirit that possesed her body. Others say she simply turned from the cause for her own greedy reasons.

She lusts after power. The first time she heard of the Kanohi Elementa was about ten years ago... It was in an obscure tablate she read at the Ko-Metru base. It held ten riddles. She had shown it to Sirea, who made it top priority of the order.

And then... she changed. Shortly after that, she was expelled from the order. She had been acting evil. She was set to have her memories erased on a date, as well as her body changed... mutated into something else, but she broke out of the holding cell...

...From there, no one knows what happened. Some say she's still on the lookout for the Kanohi Elementa, and will follow anyone to their source... Then attempt to claim them for herself. Others say she's on a hunt for the relics of an ancient warrior, but whatever she is doing, know she is a powerful foe...

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