Ortolan NEGAS

A Maldorian

The Maldorians are a race of blue-furred, elephantine bipeds native to the planet Maldor. They have floppy ears and pudgy fingers, and are known for their insatiable appetites. They are descended from a nocturnal race of creatures, and retain many of their original characteristics. Their eyesight is excellent in dim light, but bright lights hurt them. Their ears are sensitive to sound waves, and their noses are filled with tympanic organs that increase their sense of hearing. The normal mode of conversation among the Maldorians is conducted at subsonic levels, with sounds being emitted through their noses. Their noses also contain sensitive olfactory organs. A small mouth is located beneath their nose. Infant Maldorians are born almost fully developed, and are raised until the age of seven. At that time, most are thrown out of their parents' homes to fend for themselves. In the distant past, after Maldor was struck by a large mass, the Maldorian race was much smaller. They managed to survive the devastation because they ate very little, while the larger predators starved to death. Over time, their brains continued to develop, and they developed a basic technology and a high level of industrialization.

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