• Thor as Tabby von Meow
  • Loki as Arte Fact
  • Heimdall as Ms.Cowoline
  • Volstagg as Amanda Panda
  • Warriors Three as Mr.Moo
  • Laufey as Poncho
  • Frost Giant as Chef Gazpacho
  • Tyr as Horace
  • Hogun as Fred Rover
  • Fandral as Dogbeard
  • Bus as Zumbuddy
  • Odin as Quizzy Bear
  • Einherjar Captain as Dex Dangerous
  • Phil as Plumpy
  • Asgardians as Goober
  • Dark Elves as Dr.Quack
  • Kornans as Booger
  • Richard as Zingoz
  • Kurse as PJ.Collie
  • Erik as Nafaria
  • Malekith as Sheldon Turtle
  • Nick Fury as Zacky
  • Stan Lee's as Doug
  • Hawkeye as Groundhog Leprechun
  • The Collector as Alex Tiger
  • Agent Sitwell as Black Cat
  • John as Tuskbert
  • Frost Giant as Singoz
  • All Father as Mazin Hamsters
  • Bakoon as Stoogles Googles
  • Surtur as Raziel
  • Ymir as Roberta
  • Asgard as Kinzville Map
  • Alan Taylor as Ghost Clubhouse
  • Gale Hawthorne as Grey Owl
  • Einherjar Guard as Basil H
  • Einherjar Brother as Jerry The Frog
  • Townie as Silverback Gorilla
  • Pete as Weather Monkey
  • The Destroyer as Caterpillar
  • Marauder as Fish King
  • Phone Operator as Pug

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