The Malheart Altars are three mysterious crystal altars built around the Island of the Exiles, long before the island was actually inhabited by the organization.

Legend states that the Altars were carved and infused with their powers by an ancient group of mages that inhabited the island, one of whom, Malheart, inscribed his name on each of the altars in a strange language that appears to predate Nogo'a but also have some similarities to it.

Later on, when Verkai was exiled to the island, he discovered the Altar of Insanity, made of lurid green crystal, in a swamp where he also killed the Medusa Serpent, gaining his power of Petrification Gaze. The second altar, named the Altar of Cunning and made of bright blue crystal, was placed at the peak of Solbane Mountain and first discovered when Verkai went there to build a small outpost. Finally, the third altar, the Altar of Power, made of blood-red crystal, was found in a cavern on Bloodfang Mountain by an Exile soldier while on a training exercise there and reported the location to Verkai soon after.

Once all three altars had been discovered, Verkai began the process of choosing which three Exiles would be worthy enough to use the powers that they contained. These turned out to be Chattur'gha, Ulyaoth, and Xel'lotath, who formed The Dragon Triad. The Altars are now in a secret chamber somewhere within Verkai's fortress and accessible only to a select group of Nogans, including Brutus, Romulus, and Darius as well as the Triad themselves.

It is rumoured that Verkai is currently working on creating three more Altars using methods taught to him by Charon-Ko on the Isles of Brimstone, but this has not yet been confirmed.

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