Man (Past)

Man is the name given to a common race of beings found in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


The exact emergence of the race of Man (‘Humani’, in their own tounge) and indeed, the details of it, has long been speculated amongst the scholars of their times. It has been long suspected that the origins of Man lie within the events known as the Second Rain, the apocalyptic events that heralded the destruction of the Old Races and the beginning of life anew.

It is said that the race of Man emerged from the ashes of a scattered Eastern kingdom, although its name has long since been forgotten. Those first years for Man were harsh and terrible – new to the world and life itself, they struggled to find for themselves a place to call their own. In this time, Man was nothing more than a shadow of his future glory – beasts, perhaps so, without reason or logic. The grouped themselves in clans and tribes, and each ventured forth from their native lands to the horizons. Some did not venture far, and perhaps one of the scattered kingdoms of Man holds the secrets of their beginning. Others went to the vast tundras of the South, whilst others made for the coasts of the North. To all corners and all places Man went, for greater than any other race was Man’s ability to adapt – or, at least, adapt his surroundings.


The race of Man seems to have bodies that are weak and frail as compared to other races, but nevertheless they seem most suited to adapt to the harshest conditions. They are quick of mind and seem more prone to disease than other races. The ability to reproduce rapidly is infamous, and as such Man spreads quickly to all corners of their domains.

If they have one failing, then it is their unquestionable ability for mindless hate. Even what could be considered the most level-headed and calm of men can be incited to violence and hatred against others simply with a few words. Their constant need to expand, combined with this hatred, makes them most dangerous to other races that they may encounter.

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