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ManScout Law Wiki

ManScout Law is a modified version of ManLaw that is understood by the few and proud who are accepted to this brotherhood by choosing to abide by it.

1. Never kill a brothers game. Game is the most sacred thing to a man, and killing it is the most horrible thing you could do to a man. This includes, but is not limited to : One-upping, Being oversensitive guy, Faking homosexuality, Faking an english or otherwise foreign accent, Distracting with money or drinks, Playing musical instruments during the mans game, etc.

2. Always be a good wingman. All girls without history with any of the men present are fair game, but when one man gains considerable and obvious advantage over the other men it is their duty to help said man to seal the deal.

ManLaw Articles of Deception

For use when escaping a wife, girlfriend, parents et cetera...

1. Always have a backup plan. No man should ever be left to think on the spot.

2. Get your story straight ahead of time. The most obvious way to tell if a group is lying is if they each have a different recollection of said event. Organize.

3. Always get a brothers back. If another Man tells a lie no matter how outlandish it is, other men must back it up relentlessly until offending annoyance gets off the mans back.

4. Have a change of clothes at the ready at all times. Hell hath no fury like a womans wrath so the best way to avoid it is not to smell like beer. Alcohol does smell. Make sure you don't.

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