Mana is the energy of life. It is produced from lands and comes in several different colours, but the five main colours are White, Blue, Black, Red, and Green.

The Colours of Mana

Each of the five colours of mana represents different characteristics and has its own strength and weaknesses. As well, some of the colours are "allies," meaning they work well together. Opposing colours tend to clash more, so using two opposing colours to cast a spell is harder than using allied colours.

  • White (Plains) is the colour of order, light and justice, but is not always neccesairly "good." White specializes in damage prevention and healing spells, removing enchantments and clearing the playing field. Its weakness is that most of its most powerful spells affect all players and it lacks efficient creature removal.
    • White is allied with Green and Blue.
    • White summoners are called lloy.
  • Blue (Islands) is the colour of knowledge, intelligence, illusions, tickery, dreams and manipulation. Blue excels in countering spells, taking control of creatures, returning creatures to the Aether and allowing its user to cast spells more quickly from their increased intelligence. However, Blue has trouble dealing with threats once they have entered play, since its only option at this point is to dispel the threat and hope to counter it the next time it is cast. As well, many blue creatures are fairly weak and it lacks mana production.
    • Blue is allied with White and Black.
    • Blue summoners are called ioqi.
  • Black (Swamps) is the colour of death, decay, pestilence, greed, darkness, despair, corruption and selfishness, but is not always "evil." Black excels in creature destruction and necromancy. Because of its dark aura, it can also cause its opponents to lose hope. Unfortunately, Black often requires sacrifices to achieve its goals and thus tends to hurt itself in order to gain advantage. Black also has difficulty in removing other black creatures or artifacts from the field.
    • Black is allied with Blue and Red.
    • Black summoners are called ghell.
  • Red (Mountains) is the colour of emotions, passion, chaos, destruction, war, fire and lightning. Red is very good at dealing direct damage, destroying lands and artifacts and possesses a lot of creatures with Haste. Red' weakness lies it its tendency to have short endurance, the destructive nature of many of its spells and its inability to destroy enchantments.
    • Red is allied with Black and Green.
    • Red summoners are called shi.
  • Green (Forests) is the colour of growth, life and nature. Green has many powerful creatures as well as spells that further boost these creatures' power. Green is also very good at destroying artifacts and enchantments, gaining a lot of life and mana production. Unfortunately, Green has great difficulty directly removing opposing creatures from play and most of its strategy is creature-based.
    • Green is allied with Red and White.
    • Green summoners are called shal.

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