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Here are the USA English DVDs for the Fuu-chan series. Viz Media released these DVDs, along with a seperate subbed DVD release. The subbed DVDs have 3 episodes each (due to how longer the episodes are then the dub version, which had a few cuts per episode), while the dubbed DVDs have 4 episodes each (Due to the amount of episodes that can be split into volumes, Volume 6 had 3 episodes, and volume 7 had two.)

Season 1 DVDs

Volume 1-Blast Off!


  1. Blast Off
  2. School Days
  3. Lost in the Library
  4. Fun and Games

Volume 2-Fuu's Fun Field Trip


1. Fuu's Fun Field Trip (Part 1)

2. Fuu's Fun Field Trip (Part 2)

3. Cooking Up A Storm

4. Swapped

Volume 3-Nurse Anna


  1. Nurse Anna
  2. Two Fuus
  3. When You Wish Upon Fuu-Chan
  4. Lolly Darling's Treasure Hunt

Volume 4-Hold the Phone


  1. Hold the Phone
  2. A New Power Awakens
  3. A Star is Born!
  4. Detective Fuu-chan

Volume 5-Fuu-Chan: The Musical


  1. Fuu-chan: The Musical
  2. Fuu-chan the Superhero
  3. Trapped Inside TV
  4. Royal Fuu-chan

Volume 6-Making a Magical Fashion Statement

  1. Making A Magical Fashion Statement
  2. Mall Madness
  3. The Battle to Save Earth (Part 1)

Volume 6-The Battle to Save Earth

  1. The Battle to Save Earth (Part 2)
  2. Thank you, Fuu-chan!

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