Manfred von Karma is the most ruthless prosecutor in the Phoenix Wright series of games. He has a near total control over the judge, and can convince him to hand down a guilty verdict almost all the time. He has also been known to do whatever it takes to get a Guilty verdict, no matter what. Unfortunately, he didn't factor in one aspect that led to his eventual downfall; Phoenix Wright.

Von Karma, at the time of his downfall, had a 40 year perfect win streak, with only one penalty. This penalty came out during a case vs. Gregory Edgeworth, who managed to uncover one of Von Karma's lies. Von Karma won the case in the end, but was penalized, and traumatized as a result. He did get his revenge on Gregory Edgeworth in the end, and adopted his 9 year old son, Miles, into his family.

Von Karma's family consists of himself, his unnamed wife, an unnamed older daughter, his younger daughter, Franziska von Karma, a granddaughter, and his adopted son, Miles Edgeworth. Both Miles and Franziska were raised to be ruthless prosecutors, and both would be humbled in court by Phoenix Wright.

Von Karma's last case was against Phoenix Wright, during State vs. Edgeworth. Miles was charged with the murder of Robert Hammond, a defense attorney who worked with Marvin Grossberg (And possibly Mia Fey and Diego Armando) and was the main reason no one was happy with the DL-6 outcome. Even though Miles was found not guilty, von Karma anticipated this, and tricked him into confessing to the murder of his father, Gregory Edgeworth. Phoenix re-defended him, and not only found him not guilty, but managed to discover that von Karma was the one who killed Gregory Edgeworth, and the one who convinced former bailiff Yanni Yogi to kill Robert Hammond.

It is unclear what exactly happened to von Karma after he was arrested. Phoenix said that he's gone now, implying that he has either killed himself out of shame, or was executed for the murder of Gregory Edgeworth.

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