Volume 1

Title: Colors!

  • Chap.1: Colors!
  • Chap.2: Girls!
  • Chap.3: Rock, Thunder and Goku!
  • Chap.4: Fire vs. Thunder!
  • Chap.5: Rock's Past!

Volume 2

Title: Axe-Raxe!

  • Chap.6: The War!
  • Chap.7: Axe-Raxe!
  • Chap.8: Length, Flower and Sumo!
  • Chap.9: Cube Color!
  • Chap.10: Next-Leader: Monster!

Volume 3

Title: The 4th Leuge!

  • Chap.11: Ninja Elite!
  • Chap.12: Super Fiark!
  • Chap.13: Three Leaders, 300 Members!
  • Chap.14: The 4th Legue!
  • Chap.15: Rock is back!

Volume 4

Title: Friend!

  • Chap.16: Friend!
  • Chap.17: Victory!
  • Chap.18: Hutz and Mizu!
  • Chap.19: Kain!
  • Chap.20: New Kekkai Genkai's!

Volume 5

Current Title: Kain dies!

  • Chap.21: Rock's Powers!
  • Chap.22: Kaze!
  • Chap.23: Form 4: Kain dies!
  • Chap.24: The New Leuge!
  • Chap.25: ??



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