• Gobo Fraggle (from Fraggle Rock) as Princeton
  • Red Fraggle (from Fraggle Rock) as Kate Monster
  • Boober Fraggle (from Fraggle Rock) as Rod
  • Wembley Fraggle (from Fraggle Rock) as Nicky
  • Conrad (from Dr. Seuss) as Brian
  • Sally (from Dr. Seuss) as Christmas Eve
  • Monkey (from Giggle) as Gary Coleman
  • Felix Fox (from Woodland Babies) as Trekkie Monster
  • Lily (from Groovy Girls) as Lucy
  • Jessica (from Groovy Girls) as Mrs. T
  • Logan (from Groovy Boys) as Blue Bear
  • Layla (from Groovy Boys) as Yellow Bear
  • Horton the Elephant (from Dr. Seuss) as The Newcomer
  • The Cat in the Hat (from Dr. Seuss) as Ricky
  • Oakley Owl (from Woodland Babies), Whoozit (from Whoozit), Doll Boy (from Baby Stella), The Lorax, Thing One and Thing Two (from Dr. Seuss) as Moving Boxes

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