Part of the Greater Continent (I/0) this is a large plain (TD/196) defined as the country west of the Rift and east of the sea; the lands of men. The Manmarch is the one part of Orb that is dominated by men; at its edges the Wilderness encroaches (DM4/0). The Sea of the Star probably marks the northern edge of the Manmarch.[1] The southern boundary of the Manmarch is indicated by the Mountains of Horn (V/265).[2] The scholars of the Manmarch know little of the country that lies beyond their home; none of their maps seem to agree (V/61).


In the lands of the Manmarch, it is customary for city rulers to raise money through temple taxes. In this way, some of the contributions of the people are channelled to the treasury (IV/7).


  1. Ionalbion and Ulrik’s Haven are certainly Northland territories.
  2. We know that the birds fly south of this range in winter, in search of warmer climes (III/13).

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