Manor Farm is the large farm owned by the farmer Henry Jones, a former wealthy man who turned to farming. The farm grows Corn, Tomatoes, Apples, Grain, Hay, Carrots, Potatoes, Pumpkins and Lettuce, which are one of the only things that he sells on the market. As far as the animals are concerned, he only sells the milk and half of the eggs. For the other animals, the farm is generational, the animals, their children and their childrens children have lived there for awhile. The neighboring farms are Pinchfield and Foxwood.



  • Henry Jones: Henry Jones used to be a member of the Jones family, a wealthy family from Wisconsin. However, when he was twenty, he bought a small piece of land from Pilkington. Eventually, his farm grew when he bought two more larger pieces of land from Fredricks. He felt like the animals were his family and can't stand to sell them. His best horse was nearly sold to the glue factory when he got hurt. He then sued Pilkington for everything he owned and won the lawsuit, however, he allowed Pilkington to keep a small piece of land.


Jones has ten farmhands, including Mrs. Pilkington who he had given the job of education.

  • Andrew Jackson: One of Jones' ten farmhands, he is slightly clumsy and works in the fields of the farm with the farms horses.
  • Matthew Thornton: One of Jones' ten farmhands, he is the financial expert on the farms and keeps track of the farms money.
  • Joseph Green: One of Jones' ten farmhands, he one of four who educates the younger generations of animals on the farm in basic literature, history, mathematics, science and music.
  • William Whipple: One of Jones' ten farmhands, he creates machines in order to ease the labors of the farmhands and the animals.
  • Mary Shelly: One of Jones' ten farmhands, she serves as an educator to the younger animals.
  • Philip Livingston: One of Jones' ten farmhands, he helps Jones with his planting in the spring and his harvest in the fall.
  • William Ellery: One of Jones' farmhands, he has only one arm from an accident on the farms one day and has since never used farming tools. Instead, he teaches the younger animals.
  • Elizabeth Elstob: One of Jones' farmhands, she serves as a nurse and cares for the animals when they are sick or injured.
  • Arthur Middleton: Middleton serves as a construction advisor. He suggested a Recreation Area built for the younger animals and a large housing area built for the Rabbits and Rats.
  • Mrs. Pilkington: Left Mr. Pilkington after he nearly sold boxer and was given the task of education of the animals. She is a popular teacher among the younger ones.


  • Pigs: Manor farm has several pigs, some of these pigs are descendants of those who bred with the wild boars that Jones' was looking after while the zoo was renovating their exhibit. Pigs, dogs and horses were among Mrs. Pilkington's students.
  • Horses: The horses on the farm were the hardest workers, some of these horses were Belgian Horses, one of the best known work horses is his favorite horse Boxer, who has the strength of two men. Boxer's son Torvin is a strong willed horse who no one can persuade to do anything wrong. There also are several show horses, three o which were the children of Jones' prize show horse Mollie.
  • Donkeys: The donkeys on the farm were also hard workers. Some of the most notable donkeys were Benjamin and his two sons. Some donkeys were very pessimistic.
  • Cattle: There are several types of cattle of the farm. There are dairy cattle and there are Beef Cattle.
    • Dairy Cattle: The dairy cattle on the farm produce milk that help the farm financially. The children have to be milked every morning before heading off to school.
    • Beef Cattle: The beef cattle on the farm live out in the fields of the farm and travel into the farm itself for their education. Some of the cattle on the farm are the descendants of beef cattle who mated with highland cattle. Some highland cattle are found on the farm. Other hybrid cattle were descended from the first Bison-Cattle hybrids, as there were several other Bison.
  • Goats: The Goats on the farm are very competitive and hardheaded.
  • Dogs: There are several dog breeds on the farm, including German Sheppard's, Old English Sheepdogs, Border Collies, Regular Collies, Golden Retrievers, Terriers, Irish Setters and Husky's. Another breed are descendants of dogs who mated with members of a wolf pack which visited the farm. Those dogs look like Dingos, medium sized with short hair and long snouts.
  • Cats: The cats are sly creatures who are friends with alot of the animals.
  • Sheep: The sheep of the farm are pretty dimwitted, but some, like the sheep Terrance can read.
  • Chicken: The chickens are also pretty dimwitted, Jones divides his chickens into two pens, one with roosters and ones without.
  • Ducks: Mrs. Pilkington teaches ducks in her classes.
  • Geese: Geese and Canadian geese are also in Mrs. Pilkingtons class.
  • Pigeon: The pigeons roost in the special house for Rats, Mice, and other wild creatures.
  • Swan: The swans sing in the Chorus every month.
  • Turkey: The turkeys of the farm live with the chickens and ducks.
  • Guinea pig: Guinea pigs live in the special house with the other small creatures.
  • Rabbit: The rabbits live in special hutches on the farm.
  • Rats: The Rats live in the special house with other small creatures.

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