The Mantis Lords are a group of human nobles who control 110 solar systems that formerly belonged to space controlled by the United Republic of Earth, the Horsehead Empire, and the Golems. Their politics are anti-democracy and human supremacist in nature. The Mantis Lords originated on the world of Severus Primus, a moon of a gas giant planet originally part of the United Republic of Earth over seven centuries ago. By military conquest and exploitation of human-supremacist sentinents, the noble-dominated ruling body of the Mantis Lords expanded. More recently (about 200 years ago), a rebellion by dissident Mantis Lords (who would become the nucleus of House Lionheart) who tired of the depotism and racism of their aristocratic body broke off a significant chunk of the Mantis Lords' imperium. Naturally, given their opposition to democracy, equality between humans and aliens, and artificial intelligence for computers and robots, the Mantis Lords have hostile relations with the United Republic of Earth, the Golems, and the Horsehead Empire. The Mantis Lords are ruled by their hereditary High Council which rules from Severus Prime. There are two ranks of nobles within the ranks of the Mantis Lords save for the High Council members themselves. The higher rank is called Boyar, and is granted to members of the immediate families of High Council members, military commanders, the heads of civilian agencies appointed by the High Council, and to local governors appointed by the High Council to oversee solar systems and planets in Mantis Lord space. The lower rank, composing most aristocrats of Mantis Lord affiliattion, is Bogatyr. The Mantis Lords police their subjects with a secret police called the Krypteia. Most of the economy in Mantis Lord space is controlled by so-called Cartels which are owned by the Mantis Lord-dominated government, privately by individual nobles, or a combination of the two. The dominate and official religion in Mantis Lord-controlled space (at least by the human subjects) is the United God Movement. Other noteworthy faiths in Mantis Lord space include alien religions (which are closely monitored by Mantis Lord governors and the Krypteia), and older human religions including offshoots of old Christian and Islamic sects. The Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun in all it's forms is outlawed by the Mantis Lords. All nobles in Mantis Lord ranks and 80 percent of subjects of the Mantis Lords are "normal" humans. The human-supremacist policy of the ruling aristocrats cause them to monitor and discriminate against Horsehead (see Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire), Arvi, Kao Tun, Rikiari, Vilaki, Keiki, and variant humans (see variant human races) living under their rule, as well as support human-supremacist movements in the United Republic of Earth. The corporations of the Interplanetary Merchant League sometimes promote free trade with Mantis Lord space, even though the League officially condemns the racism of the ruling elites. By law, any robots and computers in Mantis Lord space have to be programmed to be non-intelligent, and A.I. machines when found are destroyed or reprogrammed to be mindless technology.

Note: the Mantis Lords are largely inspired by House Decados, a noble faction in the Fading Suns RPG [1]

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