Mantorok is a member of the Exiles and one of Verkai's elite henchmen. He is a Nogan with very dark purple scales, ethereal violet eyes, and black dragon-like wings.


Mantorok is perhaps the most unusual of Nogans. He was not brought into the world via any normal Nogan birthing procedure; rather, he is the product of incredibly complicated sorcery done by Verkai.

When Verkai captured the toa Malaya di Kyrkana when she was only fourteen, he was looking for an heir and since he hated children, babies in particular, he decided to create one using dark magics that had not been used for centuries. So, after taking some blood and fingernail samples from the emerald Toa and mixing it with some of his own samples in a cauldron of water then reciting several incantations, a young Mantorok appeared in the water.

Many years passed, and Mantorok became Verkai's secret apprentice, being taught everything the Omnipresent One knew and learning it at an alarmingly fast pace. Soon after, he was sent to Ne'tra Tal on the island of Terros-Nui to keep an eye on things, and also kidnapped Malaya di Kyrkana during the War of Ta-Terros. He does not know that she is his mother yet.


  • The ability to manipulate violet smoke that can repair buildings, among other things
  • The ability to manipulate violet energy

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