This page is a list of every file on Normish that's important. In the future, it may actually include every file on Normish, and why it hasn't been deleted. For now, this is what you get.


For now, this should contain all Normish data and binaries. Except Normish data and binaries that shouldn't be contained there, of course. The files 'players' and 'pynomic' are currently unused.


Everyone can sudo anything in this directory without a password. Therefore, if you have a script that should run as root, you should put it in here. (Scripts can't be setuid on this server.) You'll find that existing scripts pretend to be setuid; they do this by sudoing themselves if they don't have root already.


This incomprehensible little thing is our beloved proposal activation script. "activate /some/script" will activate the proposal /some/script (that is, run it as root), as long as more than half of all users have a copy of that script, with the same name, in their ~/proposals directory.


This puts a file in /var/escrow, where, ideally, it can no longer be modified.


This is where we keep proposals we're voting for. A proposal is any executable file; if a proposal passes (more than half of all users copy it into their own ~/proposals directory, and it's activated), it's run as root.


This is a proposal ihope was working on (before e got bored) that would create a new proposal system. Take a look, if you're interested.


Displays how many votes have been achieved and are necessary for a proposal.


Used in proposals to replace files without needing escrow. See /var/escrow/ for details.

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