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Maple Town Intro

Maple Town (known in Japan as Maple Town Stories) is a Japanese children's anime produced by Toei Animation. It aired in Japan from January 19, 1986 to January 11, 1987. It aired on Nickelodeon in English (dubbed by Saban Productions) as part of the Nick Jr. block from September 1987 to August 31st, 1989.

Parodies (Do not delete, but you can add)

  1. Maple Town/Thomas
  2. Maple Town/TUGS
  3. Maple Town/The Simpsons
  4. Maple Town/Family Guy
  5. Maple Town/Futurama
  6. Maple Town/American Dad
  7. Maple Town/Sesame Street
  8. Maple Town/Toy Story
  9. Maple Town/Disney
  10. Maple Town/Cyberchase
  11. Maple Town/The Powerpuff Girls
  12. Maple Town/Rugrats
  13. Maple Town/Dora the Explorer
  14. Maple Town/Dumbo
  15. Maple Town/Adventure Time
  16. Maple Town/Codename: Kids Next Door
  17. Maple Town/Mario
  18. Maple Town/Sonic
  19. Maple Town/Mr. Men
  20. Maple Town/The Lion King
  21. Maple Town/Rolie Polie Olie
  22. Maple Town/Barney and Friends
  23. Maple Town/Caillou
  24. Maple Town/Garfield
  25. Maple Town/Teletubbies
  26. Maple Town/Phineas and Ferb
  27. Maple Town/Peppa Pig
  28. Maple Town/Super Why!
  29. Maple Town/The Little Mermaid
  30. Maple Town/Dexter's Laboratory
  31. Maple Town/Ed, Edd n' Eddy
  32. Maple Town/Johnny Bravo
  33. Maple Town/Shrek
  34. Maple Town/Dragon Tales
  35. Maple Town/Arthur
  36. Maple Town/Chowder
  37. Maple Town/Kirby
  38. Maple Town/The Legend of Zelda
  39. Maple Town/Pokemon
  40. Maple Town/Looney Tunes
  41. Maple Town/Tom and Jerry
  42. Maple Town/Inspector Gadget
  43. Maple Town/Blue's Clues
  44. Maple Town/Total Drama
  45. Maple Town/The Little Engine that Could
  46. Maple Town/Cinderella
  47. Maple Town/Spongebob Squarepants
  48. Maple Town/Jimmy Neutron
  49. Maple Town/The Fairly OddParents
  50. Maple Town/The Wild Thornberrys
  51. Maple Town/All Dogs Go to Heaven
  52. Maple Town/Hey Arnold!
  53. Maple Town/Recess
  54. Maple Town/PB&J Otter
  55. Maple Town/Gravity Falls

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