A Marciak

The Marciak are a small, rat-like race which was originally native to the planet Naot II, the Marciak appear at first to be a harmless race of rodents. They are, in fact, an intelligent race of ruthless killers. The name Marciak was given to the race by the humanoid Jarnoks, but they prefer to call themselves the Con Queecon, which means "the Conquerors." Several hundred years ago, Marciaks were found to be stealing and eating Jarnok infants. They were all but wiped out on Naot II, but three Marciaks managed to stow away on a smuggling ship. The starship crashed on the planet Aralia after the three Marciaks devoured the crew, and the Marciaks were left there. They eventually consumed much of Aralia's native lifeforms, including the porcine roba. Marciaks don't understand the concept of surrender, and will fight an opponent to the death. Any Marciak defeated in battle and left alive will return to its home and organize a vengeance party, attacking its attackers in order to restore its honor.

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