Marco is one of the new dogs in my Fan Fiction series of Road Rovers

Marco is a Bull Terrier from Italy. He is streetwise and feisty. His favorite food is pizza bones. He can be a little bit clumsy at times, but is very kind and has a heart of gold, just like Blitz.

Marco's catchphrases are "This is so much fun! All right! Buonissimo!", "Go, Rovers! Andiamo!" and "I wish I could be just like you, Hunter. You got style, mio amico!"

Abilities: Marco can super stretch like a rubber band, although sometimes, he refers to it as "my impersonation of a long strand of spaghetti" in which the other Rovers found a little bit appalling. It also lets him protect his friends from electrical charges.

Marco is voiced by Jim Cummings

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