Marcus is Steam Engine's driver and Bernard Jenkins's friend in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody Christmas special, The Christmas That May Never Come, by cactus190706 from the YouTube. His body was Wickem's body in The Rise of Steam. He is Lady Hatt's big brother.


After Diesel told Bernard Jenkins what happened when The Mallard was in charge, Bernard was heard inside Toby's coach calling Marcus and saying everything was fine. Marcus later said that Diesel was gonna pay for not coming to Brendam Docks with the delivery. He and Noob (Steam Engine) was prepairing to go to Sodor later Marcus was on Sodor and he kidnapped Lady Hatt while Steam Engine had revealed he is Steam Engine, they hided at Vicarstown Sheds and he told Sir Topham Hatt what he had promised him and then Sir Topham Hatt says it was a joke. While trying to get Sir Topham Hatt out of his job, Richard changed the points and Marcus fell out of Steam Engine's cab and later Steam Engine crushed onto him and exploded.


  • Birth: June 15, 1940
  • Died: December 21, 2012 (aged 74)
  • Goal: Make Sir Topham Hatt lose his job
  • Appearance: The same as Wickem
  • Allies: Bernard Jenkins (formerly), Steam Engine (formerly)
  • Friends: Sir Topham Hatt (former best friend), Bernard Jenkins, Steam Engine
  • Enemies: Sir Topham Hatt, Lady Hatt, Diesel, Richard Hatt, Toby, Flying Scotsman
  • Fate: Gets crushed by Steam Engine and was on fire after he explodes
  • Job: Steam Engine's driver (formerly)


  • He only appeared in the Christmas special The Christmas That May Never Come.

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