Mare Octavius (James Christopher Brayden) is a Net-activity maker and creator, born in London - England at 12/25/1986.


Mare Octavius hasn't showed his name much except on his product names, like J.B. Literature, which is a shortcut to James Brayden's Literature. Also, he is always nicknamed "Mare" and sometimes "Johnny" by his close friends. However, Mare has made himself alot of characters on the DMAR Fan Fictions, and has been popular on the online Yugioh game Duel Monsters Online. Mare has been known of his average Yugioh dueling skills, and his moody personality, that might be kind sometimes and sometimes meanie.

Early Netlife

Mare firstly showed up publically on net on the game Duel Monsters Online, on the BYOND software, using the key/nickname "Light Shadowy Dragon". Nothing much heard about him, while he was in that key, until after he made his LiteMare key and started the PYRO Yugioh Dueling Clan. The PYRO clan was a weak and lazy clan, that got beaten and became the joke stuff of DMO. Shortly after that, "LiteMare" decided that he cannot have the responsibility yet with his weak dueling skills, and disbanded the PYRO clan. After that by a while, LiteMare populated well on the game Duel Monsters Online and he had some popularity and famous-ness. Soonly, after he reached that much of popularity, he rebuilt the clan Pyro but as P.D.A (Pyro Duelists Academy) with ideas from his partner "Ashley7777573783" and help from his old partner "LuxAngelus" in order to get the clan better.

PDA and the other clans and Mare

Shortly after PDA started, it won its first clan war. After that, illegally, when the leader Mare wasn't there, the clan battled the legendary clan on DMO, Lite, and lost. Mare got depressed, and the personality of people in the clan was down that one time they had to battle an oldie clan (name forgot - please help) led by Kel and lost, disbanding their clan. Now, that Mare is clanless, his personality that time was controlling him and forcing him to join a clan, luckily, he befriended with Kel and Mag, and went on a fight with Lux, and joined the clan EDD, that is led by Mag. The card effect of Helmos bugged, Mare let down the EDD clan in a disban war against Kel's clan and the clan lost. Mare went on new clans and failed in them, and started playing Duel Monsters Expert shortly after Kel started to ignore Mare, and he got friends there.

DME and Mare

Advanced, Mare has learned many tactics of dueling on DME, and has became more mature and serious, and befriended people on DME, but didn't easily reach popularity like on DMO, but he didn't name himself as "Mare", he named himself as Atreyu, and everybody knew that he was the same person (the key). Mare had friends, liked DME, and sticked to it, and started ignoring DMO, and rarely coming to it. While he was passing by DMO, he was more mean, more serious, more logical, and he laughed at the past that he thought it could make him a bright future and stuff. Mare improved on both games, DME and DMO, and preferred DME to duel on, but returned to DMO for a while and made his new key "Mare's New Key", and that is his popular key until now. Mare seen that DMO's players were crumbling, and got a bit bored of DMA, but as he heard from UnknownDuelist, that a game called DMA would be released, he played some other games like Naruto games and Icon Ultima waiting for its release. Suddenly, while he's passing by DMO, people all saying stuff and people spamming "DMA is released! (LINK) (LINK)" and he joined there.

Early DMA, IU, and Mare

When DMA was released, Mare got to it, but he noticed that DME was down for a moment, and DMO got nooby, he started playing it for a few weeks but got bored of Yugioh. Mare went on a wider ambition, he started being popular by his name "Nightmare" on Icon Ultima, and named himself "Byakko", and he befriended many friends of the GMs and some GMs, and also got to the top when he knew Mobius Evalon (the creator of the game) personally. After a while, while Mare is only playing IU for BYOND, he started playing more online games, and got popular on some chat rooms. Mare then, while he kept passing by DMA like once for a week, he suddenly went to DMA and found "DMAE released" behind the cover of DMA.

DMAE and Mare (Mare's Real Pride Begins)

He went to DMAE, played it, and liked it, and started going to it everyday he can get online. At that while, he befriended many people which are his friends until now, like Dranx, Deadie, and other. He also started his "Chimps!" quotes and stuff there, while he discovered that he has a good deck that defeated many duelists on there. Mare now started feeling comfortable that he's actually got his pride, and got that thing that when you say "Mare" it's something different than any ordinary duelist walking in the virtual streets. After about 1 month and a half, Mare looked at DMA-R and started playing softly, with his concenration on DMAE. After a week or so, Mare started feeling that DMAE is getting unactive like before, and he saw UD saying that it is prone to deletion. He started playing DMA-R and DMAE when active, but then, DMAE got deleted.

Mare and DMA-R (The Meanwhile)

Mare started playing DMA-R commonly after DMAE was deleted, but he wasn't so excited about DMA-R like he was about DMAE. After 2 weeks or so, Mare started getting used to DMA-R, and remained his jokes on Hero and Bigo (they hate him!) and thought that it was even easier when he stopped his enemy-ness with Soul, he wanted everything to be OK with him and so... until now, Mare goes daily to DMA-R, hoping to have a good time.

Mare and Rise of Heroes

This was happening about when Mare started the PYRO clan, when he was still in his LiteMare key. Mare went on other games, hoping to find popularity, since he thought DMO was hard to him. He was guided by a friend called DarkhunterDX about a game called Rise of Heroes, when he went to try it out, he liked it and started playing it. After about 3 months, when Mare got his pride on DMO, he got his pride on Rise of Heroes. He was above level 150 and was one of those "good players" of the game, but Supanova's edition of the game went down for a long time and Mare stopped playing that game. He rarely checks if there's any one of his friends there on Supanova's edition.

What's so special about Mare?

Being popular on many games like that must be special. Him, and Soul, are the only ones who really have popularity that they deserve. Mare has been working on his popularity since DMO, and he reached it along with Rise of Heroes, makes 2 games, and then he played DME to make himself a bit popular, makes 3 games, then moving on to DMA, DMAE, and DMA-R "semi-popularity" was good, makes them 6 games, and also keeping to be popular on a game is good and needs you to be active.

Mare's Netfriend List

"My true friends on net are: YATA ,Curtis, Rune, Goose, Mason, True story, Ashley Alden, Billy, DarkhunterDX, Urikod, Thonya, Hellzy, Mag, Maccy, Dubby, Jamesy, Stacey, Dranx, Richard (Lightspeed) and whoah I can't really count! But these are my TRUE friends."

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