Margaret Penny is a characters female as protagonist as Biana and Diana´s friends that her as moose or reindeer and without her shell as penaut except her moose animal, her pretty moose appear as head face similars her boyfriends Mordecai Gumball enter relationship together her friends to Diana and Biana, her return for visit by Diana´s mother is Melissa as birthday for Melissa as visit party. 


Diana, Bolts, Lennie, Jenny (Lennie´s girlfriends), Biana and Trip Margaret and them friends as good friends meet enter her and Diana relationship friends and all friends with Margaret as friendship. In Skipper Action and Lennie Young that Margaret Penny say Diana and Bolts as friends funny and her arrive bus and her goods and until friendship Lennie and Jenny. In Lennie Hornesty and Ben VS Bolts that her and Diana funny as friends and her say Diana with Bolts, Lennie, Jenny, Biana and Trip as goods friends "cool". 

Diferent 1: Margaret Penny as Penaut and without her shell as become her animal Moose season 3 by Penny Margaret by names Margaret.

Diferent 2: Margaret Penny as voice by Margaret currents as cardinal by moose enter voiced Gumball Regular Show season 3 by Margaret Penny by voice Margaret.

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