Known Vampires.Common Knowledge


This 1 status kindred is believed to have suffered final death when she wandered away from the court held 09/08/07.

Her death was witnessed by her friend Sophia Leyla and seems to have been caused by a supernatural being striking her with some sort of acid attack. It seems that many kindred in the city have taken a great interest in solving her murder, including the Modi Vitani Felan, Wesley Corso, Lucias Hawthorne, and Carter Weiss. The killer was allegedly dealt with according to the then Prince Ragnar Thrice-born. During her existence in the city she was doted upon by her sire, Seamus O'Connell, the Daeva Priscus. She is also known to have owned a nightclub across the street from her sire's casino, Shamroxxx.


Lauren now plays Katrina McFerrell.

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