Maria Louise Hart

Born 31st August 1985

Died 25th June 2010


Maria Hart was born in 1985 she was the second oldest of the Hart Family she has two sister and one brother. Her sister Stacy Hart is also a member of the Rivers. She first came to Devon in 1997 after they had to escape from Barry Charles


Maria was being bothered by a girl called Steph Colledge who gave her a green sword called the Colledge Sword she was told to use this to help another Steph Colledge and the Rivers


She had been searching for the Rivers for two years when she found them she had came on the right day she had came with a guy who had seen what landed in Kingskerswell being that of Steph Colledge inside the Jumper they found out from Dean Reardon that earlier that day Scott Curtis told of how he meet one of these weird people. Maria found scott and came to his aid in Kingsteigton but was kidnaped by Kim Knight and was held hostage when this went on Scott Curtis, Dean Reardon and Zack Zindine came to her rescue.

She stayed with the Rivers to they won the fight and also went out with Scott Curtis for six months when they got bored of each other.


Maria regrouped with the Rivers when they had to save Becky Miles from the group which wanted to clone her called Oasis Care the same time she was having to face Barry Charles who even when he died in 2001 he had somehow came back again. Maria was also put in charge of dealing with Police chases should any ever break out because of her skills with cars.


Maria didnt mix with the group so much but turned gay when she had fallen in love with Emily Matters they was madly in love all the year. Maria also took out Barry Charles once again near the end of that year when she fought a battle with her and Scott Curtis.


Maria Hart wanted to get Scott Curtis and Becky Miles back together after trying she got them both to meet up but it turned to a nightmare when Steven Hills and Barry Charles tried to kill each other and also wanted to kill Scott Curtis and Becky Miles. She had to give Scott Curtis CPR when he died in her car after a lung had gave up in the fight. Because of her Scott had lived.


Maria Hart split up from Emily Matters after she cheated on her for Keith Rainer this did test the Rivers after a few weeks Emily Matters had ran off with Keith Rainer. That year she took time to recover and also told her parents she was gay who didnt take to this and kicked her out she moved down to Truro with Stacy Hart also at the same time she had alot more of the Rivers move with her Scott Curtis, Hayleigh King Jamie Jackson Danni Jackson and Zoe O'Chapel she lived there to she found a place to live right next to Zack Zindine in Plymouth


Maria started to date Zoe O'Chapel and Scott Curtis and Stacy Hart found this a little hard to handle. Sadly on that year Maria Hart had to deal with the lost of Zack Zindine after he died from his heartattack. She found this hard and had to support Stacy Hart who was very upset. Later on that year she got engaged to Zoe O'Chapel she also started off a business with Stacy Hart for a carpet business in Plymouth.


In 2010 Scott Curtis is planning on killing off Maria Hart due to the fact that being in the stories for ten years the impact would be really great and would also be based towards what causes Scott Curtis to finish off his 24th Body The idea has not been written yet but it Will be something to do with Scott And Maria which will trigger off the next body.

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