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Name Maria Louise Jacobs

Height 5.1

Hair Blond

Eyes Blue

Maria Jacobs is the 20th body of the First River She is the body after the other River which is called Louise Rainer Maria was born in Scotland in the town which is known as Saltscoats she is also the shortest of the First Rivers bodies who died at the age of 14. Unlike where the first Rivers 22nd body lived from 1901 to 1967.


Maria started her life really close from where she had died before only a few miles when she died in the town of Irven this was also interesting to her and when older planned to get the old members back together.


Maria soon wanted to track down her old mate Tammy Corenell she had found out she was living down in Glasgow Unsure where to head next she went there because there was no more trouble and it might be a clue of where to head next. Maria left home and headed off to find Tammy. Along the way she found herself kidnapped by a man who wanted to take her back to his house. The man was called Roger Manson he told her she was not going anywhere he was aware that she was a River and had planned to hand her over to a group who wanted her dead they were called River Watchers soon she was taken out of England and took down to a research place in Berlin. Where they wanted to do test on her to use her power. It was here Maria found she had a blood group like no other. They called it OR which stand for Orignal River.

As she was held inside soon a attack was made on the place by 5 males calling themself the Rivers. Aware that the other had came to save her. In the fight they took down the whole place to save her. The doctors were not ready for them and lost the fight. Together they all meet Maria. They also had changed bodies. They went by the names.

Tony Johns Second River

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