Mariah White and the Seven Care Bears is the movie spoof of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

CAST (do not edit!):

  • Mariah Wong (Beyblade) as Snow White
  • Ray Kon (Beyblade) as the Prince
  • Poison Ivy (Batman: The Animated Series) as The Wicked Queen
  • Mother Gothel (Tangled) as The Old Hag
  • Tenderheart Bear (Care Bears) as Doc
  • Grumpy Bear (Care Bears) as Grumpy
  • Cheer Bear (Care Bears) as Happy
  • Bedtime Bear (Care Bears) as Sleepy
  • Bashful Heart Bear (Care Bears) as Bashful
  • Messy Bear (Care Bears' Big Wish Movie) as Sneezy
  • Secret Bear (Care Bears: Welcome to Care-A-Lot) as Dopey
  • Kai Hiwatari (Beyblade) as Humbert the Huntsman
  • The Magic mirror as himself

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