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Mariemaia Celine Strithicus was Galactic Queen and heiress to the Strithicus and Celine royal families of Dubrillion and Munharot. She is the daughter of Pamela Celine and Viridian Strith, niece to Marcus Strith, and mother to Cyrus Celine. She remains one of the galaxy's most influential people of all time. Mariemaia also suffered from a fatal heart disease she contracted at birth which ended up being the cause of her demise. Mariemaia was also a child prodigy and a genius.


She is cunning and witty. She never takes no for an answer. A child prodigy too she is a force to be reckon with her extreme tactical talent and brilliant intellect are unmatched. Mariemaia is also a champion kick boxer and martial artist. However she is modest, but knows her skills are grand. She knows when to be quiet around her superiors and isn't one to hold a grudge unless scarred horribly.

Mariemaia also has a distinct silver tongue and is able to lie without a 'tell' which she is also known for back in her academy days. No one could tell if she was telling the truth or not.

Mariemaia is also known for her cunningness and ruthlessness. Trust is a word one should not use often when dealing with Mariemaia. She will backstab if it gets her what she wants. Mariemaia is mostly known for her manipulative talent. She is good and she knows it.



Toddler Mariemaia with her Mother

Pamela's illness wasn't actually an illness at all, she kept it from Viridian, but the real reason she left the academy was because Pamela was pregnant. She refused to tell Viridian knowing having a child would hold him back from the greatness she predicted he would have. She loved and respected Viridian so much she would not put any obstacles in his way so she dropped out so Viridian wouldn't know.


A young Mariemaia

When the child was born on Dubrillion, Pamela's home planet, the baby didn't cry which was highly unusual. Pamela knew, right then, she was special and named, her and Viridian's daughter, Mariemaia. The young girl was special however, a prodigy her early tutors said as Mariemaia began to speak at a very early age, and excelled in advanced studies even at the tender age of 5. Pamela was very proud of her daughter and saw alot of Viridian in her; especially her expressions.

However Pamela was struck down by illness the same day Viridian was proclaimed dead when Mariemaia reached the age of . Her mom soon died leaving the grieving Mariemaia to herself. Luck was on her side however. Marcus who had heard of his brother's past relations was able to locate Pamela before she died and took Mariemaia back to Dxun with him after she did.

Stay with the Mandalorians


Mark Calson, Mariemaia's Uncle

Marcus still went by the name Calson and never told the young Mariemaia about his relation to the emperor nor did he mention the name 'Strith'. He raised Mariemaia and loved her as his own, but Marcus couldn't help, but be shocked the beast known as Strith the Demonic had a sweet little daughter, a child prodigy even. Even though's Marcus's heart was dimishing because of the Strithicus condition, he still fought for the Mandalorians and trained Mariemaia in the ways of the Mandalorian as well.

One day Marcus decided to toughen Mariemaia up and he and her went on the week long Dxun forest hunt. Mariemaia quickley learned hunting, survival, and other useful techniques to live. However near the end of the hunt she was attacked by a Boma and dragged off by her leg by the beast. Luckily Marcus found her and killed the Boma saving the young girl's life. However the experience left a nasty scar on Mariemaia's left leg.

This only lasted for a few monthes for Marcus was called to war, but he had a heart attack during the first few battles as a Sith known as Lord Phael took the opportunity of making Mariemaia the last Strith alive.


Serio 'Reiken' Xigat

Before Marcus disappeared he made a wish to his close friend and ally, Serio 'Reiken' Xigat, to take care of his niece and raise her well. Reiken accepted his responsibilities and took Mariemaia, but didn't raise though instead to honor her father's memory enrolled her into the Onderon Academy just like her father and mother were.

Days at the Academy

The professor who taught Viridian was still present at the academy and immediately noticed Mariemaia, they knew that she was Pamela's daughter, but the father was unknown. Still Mariemaia was the youngest student ever to be enrolled into the Onderon Academy, but because her genius combined with her father and mother's brilliance she scored a perfect in the entrance exams. She also rapidly surpassed other students in simulated battles, debates, and of course...fencing. That was when she was first compared to Viridian. The same professor that Viridian bested saw Viridian's exact expression, stance, and skills when teaching Mariemaia and was first to believe that she was indeed Viridian Strith's daughter.

Evidently it wasn't just the fencing professor who made the connection. The speech and deabte teacher also saw Viridian in her in how she spoke and wrote her speeches which were identical to Viridian's ideals. This connection however frightened the professors a bit knowing how Viridian turned out to be a dark Jedi and an Imperial so they feared Mariemaia might turn out the same way. They decided to keep a close eye on the girl, but the fencing teacher had other plans. He knew she was the combined version of his best students, he wanted to use Mariemaia to win the fencing finals.

When the other professors were gone the fencing professor showed Mariemaia the hall of fame in the academy and showed the picture of Viridian and Pamela holding up a big trophy after the finals of the fencing tournament. Mariemaia however didnt understand where he was getting at, but one day Mariemaia over heard the professors talking about her being Viridian's secret daughter. This shocked Mariemaia knowing very well Viridian's plague on the galaxy. She did not want to believe she was the daughter of such a monster.

However as much as she didn't want to believe it the rumor leaked and before she knew it she was exiled from her thought to be friends for being the daughter of an Imperial emperor. Mariemaia felt depressed knowing it wasn't even a fact yet. She knew she would have to get a blood test. However when she did it came back positive. Mariemaia was infact the long lost daughter of the late Viridian Milliardo Strithicus.


Viridian Strith, Mariemaia's Father

This only made her stay at the academy worse as she was picked on extensivley and hated by the other students who were against the Imperials. Mariemaia would eventually find strength and use the hurtful comments of her being a tyrant's bastard child as motivation of showing them how strong she really was.

During her tactics class Mariemaia unveiled her schematics of her very own Dreadnought line she named after herself. The design was powerful and flawless which made Mariemaia very proud that she thought of it. However she was mugged outside of class and her plans were stolen from her. Mariemaia was hurt, but was only fired up even more.

Mariemaia would soon droped out of the academy and join the Imperials having seen the last straw break the camel's back with her and the Academy students.

Father's Legacy

After she dropped out of the academy Mariemaia didnt have any other place to go. She didnt want to return to Dxun or Mandalore for the fear they may reject her since Marcus was no longer alive. So she had no choice, but to drift until she reached Muunilinst. The young redhead became interested in commerce and how the Muun's used to handle finances while back in the Empire. However she realized the real reason her drifting had taken here: this was the planet her father spent most of his free time.

It was there Mariemaia became a frequent visitor to the Muun's Archive Library to find out what she could about her blood father. However being a naive preteen Mariemaia didnt keep it a secret like she should have. Within a few days all patrons of the library saw her as an imposter to the former Emperor, but their whispering, assumptions, and comments didnt lessen her fascination of her father. She continued to spend massive amounts of time reading Imperial related books and any books on her father.


Moff Graham Pollex

It wasnt until this little red head caught the attention of a Moff who was a friend of Viridian and was on the planet for a regional evaluation. Pollex was very strict on propoganda and didnt want some poser running around that could gain followers if she played her cards right. Pollex ordered a few Imperial Guards to follow Mariemaia's daily routine and take her to him when they found her. So Mariemaia was taken to one of the Moff's office to see Pollex face-to-face even though it was against her will.

Mariemaia was needless to say frightened and didnt think she would get introuble for speaking such truth. Moff Pollex himself examined the girl and was alittle surprised a young woman all on her own would spread such a rumor or would get the idea she was the Emperor's daughter, but Mariemaia's didnt deny it.

Behind the Scenes

Mariemaia was made by Sirius who is a long time rper and member of countless Starwars rp sites.

Mariemaia's debut rp site was Starwars: A New Beginning.

Mariemaia isnt Mariemaia's real name at all, infact her real name is Ardere Rufia-Diva Xurellious Strithicus. A name predestined to her many years ago. Before she changed her name to Mariemaia Strith and moved her old last name to her middle one, her old middle name used to be Sophia.

There is an ancient prophecy told thousands of years ago during the Sith Empire possibly concerning Mariemaia:

"And so all evils both Jedi and Sith shall be obsolete. Under the banner of the Strithicus he will emerge with the false slogan of peace and prosperity he'll gain influence. Through diminishing other religion he'll become god. Through conquering the galaxy the clan will become known....his hair will be like fire in which the utter chaos he'll bring and his eyes will be azure like the vast ocean on Dubrillion so will be his empire. The Man of Fire will make Strithicus an era."

Whether this prophecy is about Mariemaia or someone further down her bloodline is a mystery. The connection she does have with this is that her hair is red and her eyes are blue, she was born on Dubrillion, and she is in the Strithicus bloodline, but the real argued difference is that the prophecy speaks of a male not a female.
Mariemaia Celine Strith
Biographical information
Date of birth1992 ABY
Date of birth1992 ABY
Date of death2005 ABY
Date of death2005 ABY
Physical description
Hair colorRed
Hair colorRed
Eye colorBright blue
Eye colorBright blue
Chronological and political information
Era(s)The First Age, Age of Imperialism, Age of Mariemaia
Era(s)The First Age, Age of Imperialism, Age of Mariemaia
AffiliationImperial Six, Galactic Sphere United Nation, Kingdom of the Galaxy
AffiliationImperial Six, Galactic Sphere United Nation, Kingdom of the Galaxy

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