Marilyn Shine is the titular protagonist appearing in the 1998 Cartoon of the same name. She has short bobbed black hair and black eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: A black and white striped shirt with short sleeves, black skirt, white pantyhose and gray shoes. She is voiced by Tara Strong (who gives her the same tone as Shareena Wickett from Detention). At her age, she is 9-years-old.


  • Clarissa Shine (Mother)
  • Aaron Shine (Father)
  • Mirabell Shine (Grandfather)
  • Lisa Shine (Aunt)
  • Arnold Shine (Uncle)
  • Karen Shine (Older Sister)
  • Madelyn Shine (Younger Sister)
  • Shadow (Pet Cat)
  • Nathan Nomad (Love Interest)


  1. The way she goes with Nathan
  2. Running for her friends
  3. Getting her deceased Grandfather's memories


  1. Feeling guilty
  2. The way Malinda treats her
  3. Getting into trouble with Principal George Andrews

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