Marina and A Day Without Tears is a Pokemon Origins episode.


  • Marina wakes up one morning, falls over and starts crying like a siren. She then went to the dressing room, rips her white stockings and starts crying again. She then goes downstairs and picks up her brown shoes, only to find them dirty. She, knowing that she will completely stay in opaque nude tights, cries even harder. An unhappy Ethan watches from the window, knowing that Marina is going to be in trouble. Later, she is sadly washing the dishes when Sissy startles her, making the dishes break apart. Marina starts crying even harder which irritates Ruby and she yells at her. Marina then cries a lot louder and Ruby tells her that she cried 100 times and she pulls out a TV containg a video montage on it. Marina then whimpers and lets out the biggest ambulance cry she ever had, casuing Ruby and Matthew to cover their ears. At home, Ruby calls Sissy saying that Marina is crying and the Mikan gym leader rushes over to solve the problem. The two girls try to cheer Marina up, but her crying won't let her calm down. So they call Ethan and Umberto to fix everything. At last, Ruby calms Marina down by playing a lullaby on her radio. Making her sleep in the process. The next morning, The Mayor of Trovitopolis congratulates Sissy and Ruby on their job and Marina is much better. She then tells Matthew that she will never cry again and the friendship has been settled.


  • Marina
  • Ethan
  • Sissy
  • Ruby
  • Matthew
  • Umberto
  • The Mayor of Trovitopolis


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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